Mike Schuh's List of Intraurban Passenger Rail Systems

This is a modest attempt to catalog various intraurban passenger rail systems.

My emphasis is on systems that I have actually ridden, and those that seem to be relevant to Seattle area transportation planning.

Another web page that is oriented more toward photos is the nycsubway.org site. And, of course, there are the RailroadData.Com and UrbanRail.net web sites.

Additions and corrections (with references, please!) are requested and welcomed.

System Control Power Ride?
Have I ridden this system?
System Length
Stations Current
Daily Ridership
Date Opened References Comments
Jacksonville Skyway automated 200 2.5 8 3,000
1989 (initial segment)
November 2002 (current system)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia manual No 8.6km 11
Las Vegas No $650 6.3km 7 30,000 July 15, 2004 http://www.lvmonorail.com/ ridership continues to be below predictions; average speed 19 MPH
Newark Airport AirTrain automated Yes
415 (1 mile Northeast Corridor connection)
3 2001? (NEC connection) dinky and not particularly fast
Seattle Center Monorail manual Yes 1.2 2 1962 North America's classic system,
not to be confused with the "Green Line"
Walt Disney World manual? 600 VDC 13.7 6? 150,000
1982 (Epcot extension)
platforms are 200', trains carry 360
Los Colinas, Texas manual Yes Currently runs just during lunch hours.
Light/Heavy Rail
New York Subway manual 625v dc, third rail Yes 714 miles 468 3.1 million 1904
BART automated? 1000 VDC/T Yes $1,619 104 miles 43 310,717 September 11, 1972 L. Petrich's page track gauge, 5'6" (1676 mm), departs from the standard of 4'8.5" (1435 mm); this was so the trains would be more stable in high winds

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