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Here is why I started to create the EventFinder

In the fall of 1998, I was sent by my employer to a training class in Houston. I had my choice of several dates for the class, and chose that one because I was going to take a day of vacation later in the week to attend an orienteering meet - in Connecticut.

Before I went to Houston, I searched the Web for information on contra dances anywhere near Houston and western Connecticut. Unfortunately, this was a slow process, and I was still looking when I had to get my plane tickets. As a result, my trip went like this:

With better planning, I could have arranged to fly from Austin to Boston, allowing me to attend the contra dance in Cambridge that evening. Then, I could have spent the night in Boston, followed by a leisurely afternoon on Cape Cod (say) and the Rehoboth dance. A (one-way) drive the length of Connecticut the next day to the O' meet, and (with less traveling) I would not have been so exhausted on Sunday.

At least that's the theory.

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